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Romania and Bulgaria will enter the Schengen zone in 2024. What will change for travellers?

By: natasha / March 7, 2024

By Rebecca Ann Hughes, Published on 20/01/2024 for Bulgaria and Romania will be part of the Schengen area from 31 March. As of 31 March this year, Romania and Bulgaria will join the Schengen zone, which allows free movement between member states for 400 million citizens. The two countries have been members of the European […]

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Travelers Might Soon Have to Pay More for a Schengen Visa

By: natasha / February 20, 2024

Those who need a Schengen visa might soon have to pay a 12 percent higher fee. The EU proposed for the Schengen visa application fee to be increased from €80 to €90 for adults and from €40 to €45 for children. The increase will not affect nationals of countries that have facilitation agreements with Schengen […]

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China Lifts & Relaxes Visa-On-Arrival Requirements for Some Categories

By: natasha / February 1, 2024

Since 2022, Kenya and Somalia have been working to normalise their diplomatic relations

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