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  • Please note the procedure is all docs must be emailed to us.
  • We then check and email to the embassy to process
  • Once the embassy is happy, they will request we bring all the originals so the visa can be stamped in the passport


  • Valid passport (must be valid for six months).
  • Fully completed application form
  • Two passport size colour photographs
  • ]Proof of Accommodation
  • Itinerary
  • Copy of ID Book
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical certificate to state that the client is fit and healthy to travel if the client has recently travelled to a (Ebola infected) country.

Special requirements for Holiday

  • South African employment Letter Bank letter showing passengers have sufficient funds to travel
  • If visiting family or friends, invitation letter from the family/friends in Algeria

Special requirements for Business

  • South African Business letter which must include the following:

(1): Detailed purpose of visit and duration stay

(2): A brief introduction of what the company does

(3): The position of the applicant within the company.

  • SA Company registration document.
  • Invitation letter stating purpose of visit and duration of stay- from company in Algeria
  • Invite company registration document.

Processing Time


  • ±5-10 working days
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