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As from the 15th December all Belgium visas will be done through Tele Performance in either Johannesburg or Cape Town.


Passengers over the age of 12 years when submitting for the 1st time will be required to have their fingerprints taken. (These fingerprints will remain on the system for 5 years) If clients have had previous VIS Schengen visa then Visas International can submit on behalf of client.


The Embassy in Johannesburg: Visas International can only apply on the client’s behalf if the client has had a previous VIS Schengen visa issued in the last 3 years. Also if a client has had a previous Schengen visa issued in the past 3 years, then they do not require an appointment and the procedure is we arrange for the documents to be couriered to TLS for processing.


The Embassy in Cape Town requires all applicants (in the Western and Eastern Cape) to apply for their visas in person.


If client is going to the UK as well, they will want to see the UK visa.






  • Valid passport (must be valid for six months) and signed. Plus a COLOR copy of the first 2 and last 2 pages.


  • Copies of all previous Schengen visas


  • Original fully completed application form with applicants’ signature.


  • Two recent passport size colour photographs (must have a white background).


  • Flight itinerary


  • Insurance and breakdown of insurance. Please ensure that the following is provided: Pax name, Policy number, Period covered for (in days), Emergency

Medical, repatriation & Related Expenses Limit, and Covered for all Schengen States. Minimum coverage 30,000€


  • 3 months recent bank statements.


  • Proof of accommodation (including proof of accommodation for all the other countries the passenger will be going to on this trip).


  • Children – letter from school.


  • If visiting family/friends, certificate of board & lodging


  • South African business/employment letter with travel dates, stating designation, date of employment, salary, period and purpose of trip. If selfemployed: Original company trade license/CIPRO copy of current year.


  • Letter of invitation from the company in Belgium (no emails) with dates, signed and dated by the host.


IMPORTANT: Additional documents and information may be requested at any time.



  • Notarised parental consent is required for persons under 18 years of age if they are not travelling with a parent or legal guardian, OR if they are travelling with one parent only.
  • Minors travelling to Belgium need to submit full-unabridged birth certificate.

Please see LINK regarding new South African Immigration rules for minors.


Visa fee payments


  • Credit/Debit card


Processing Time

  • Please note: the Belgium Consulate can take up to 3 weeks due to their workload.
  • Please allow 2-3 days for collection and delivery


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