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From the 1st August 2018 all visa applications for Canada will be done by VFS Visa Processing SA Pty (Ltd)


The procedure is as follows:


  • We load the form online the Canadian Immigration site
  • We upload the documents and make visa/biometric payment
  • We wait for the “Biometric” letter to be sent. With this letter client then goes in for Biometrics to VFS where we will make a booking. If client has done Biometrics previously for Canada, then he may not need to go in again.
  • After this we then wait for the approval letter. Once this letter is sent, we then arrange to courier to take the passport to the embassy. This is done by courier ONLY.



General requirements:


Ø  Imm5257e (Version 2019 or later only) This is to be typed out on the PC. Once completed, click on the “Validate” button. If any errors, correct them. Once completed, only save the form and email this to us. Does not have to be printed and signed



Ø    Clear valid passport copy


Ø    Proof of travel history: Copies of any previous/current visas in the passport/s to show travel history and include copy of previous Canada visa if applicable.


Ø    Scanned colour digital photo



Ø   Additional Family Information Form which MUST be filled out in full.

(Spouse’s details must always be filled out on the application irrespective whether they are travelling with or not).


Ø    Form 5476E Representative form – Please type out client details and save.


Special requirements for Business


Ø    South African business letter, stating the date of commencement of the employee, nature of the business, the period on business in Canada, and must state the date when the passenger is leaving S.A and returning back to S.A. Must state covering costs or will need bank statements.


Ø    Supporting letter/s (Invite Letter) from the company/companies to be visited in Canada.





Special requirements for Tourists


Ø    South African employment letter, listing date of commencement, in what capacity employed, the duration of leave granted, and must state the date when the passenger is leaving S.A and returning back to S.A. Children need to supply school letters.


Ø    3 months recent bank statements. Bank letters not allowed.


Ø    Letter from host in Canada (friend or family) confirming your visit and the duration of stay if fax Canadian fax number needs to appear on the fax.






Ø    Notarised parental consent (to be notarised by a Public Notary) is required for persons under 18 years of age if they are not travelling with a parent or legal guardian, OR if they are travelling with one parent only. Letter must state what dates they will be going to Canada and if they will require single or multiple entries.

Ø    Minors travelling to Canada need to submit full-unabridged birth certificate.


Processing Time


Ø    Up to discretion of the Canadian Immigration but at the moment can take up to ±130 days from date of Biometrics.


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