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Note: SA nationals no longer require visas to Ghana for max stay of 90 days. The requirements below are for foreign nationals who will require a visa.

Applications must be loaded online first. The photo and all supporting documents has to be scanned and uploaded onto the Ghanaian website. Visas International will do this.



  • Valid passport, (must be valid for six months). Must have at least 2 clean pages minimum.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Fully completed application form NOTE: Do not use abbreviations or nick names. Please see below regarding form questions:
    1. Question 1: Place of birth – Please give city and not country.
    2. Passport place of issue – Please give city and not country.
    3. Question 3: Give full company name including address.
    4. Question 7: Email addresses and contact numbers of 2 references in Ghana is compulsory. Please put full company name and address.
    5. There must also be 2 applicant’s contact numbers: Cell number and landline number.
    6. Please note the embassy is comparing the signatures of the passport and the form and if these do not match they will reject.


  • One colour photograph.
  • Copy of the Yellow fever certificate.
  • Copy of the Vaccination certificate
  • Copy of flight itinerary
  • If the passenger is a foreign passport holder, the actual passport of his/her residence status OR a copy of his/her South African ID is required.

Special requirements for Tourists  ¢ South African employment letter.

  • Proof of accommodation – Holiday.
  • 3 months recent bank statements.
  • If invited by a private person then Passport copy of the host in Ghana if Ghanaian. If not Ghanaian then a copy of the passport and proof of residence in Ghana.

Special requirements for Business 

  • Letter from the company in South Africa.
  • Proof of income, either by presenting 3 months recent bank statements, OR a recent pay slip OR the salary mentioned on the employment letter
  • Letter of invitation from the company in Ghana. Passport copy of the host in Ghana who signed the invite if Ghanaian. If not Ghanaian then a copy of the passport and proof of residence in Ghana of the person who signed the invite.

Special requirements for Transit  ¢ South African employment letter.

  • Proof of visa for final destination plus copy.
  • Details of the company going to visit at the final destination.
  • Proof of accommodation if staying over.


  • Notarised parental consent is required for persons under 18 years of age if they are not travelling with a parent or legal guardian, OR if they are travelling with one parent only.

Processing Time 

  • 7 working days excluding Fridays
  • Collections only start at 13:30
  • Authorization has to first come from Ghana before the embassy issues visas there for do not rely on the confirmations that come from the embassy.
  • Urgent visas can be applied “subject to approval” which means the Consul will make the final decision whether to grant an express visa. If they do grant it the process should take ±3-4 days. If they do not approve it then the processing time will be the usual 7 days and the urgent fee will not be refunded.
  • The embassy may reject at any time even on collection.
  • Please note the embassy will only issue a 12-month visa if client has had a previous Ghana visa. This previous visa must be in the passport or must provide the actual passport with the previous visa.
  • Open only Monday – Thursday (closed Fridays)
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