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Please note that travelers who wish to visit Mexico (regardless of their nationality or itinerary), holding a valid, multiple entry visa for the United States of America, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom or the Schengen Space countries, DO NOT need to apply for a tourist, business or transit Mexican visa.

This applies if the valid visa is in an OLD passport as well.

Additionally, permanent residents (passport holders or permanent residence cards ) in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom or the Schengen Space countries who wish to travel to Mexico DO NOT require a visa to enter Mexico as tourists, transit or business visitors. Unfortunately, if it is a special visa, you may need to contact the issuing country to know whether you can travel on your type of visa. Even though the applicant has been granted a Mexican Visa, once he/she arrives at any point of entry in Mexico, immigration authorities will ask the reasons of the trip, the length of stay in Mexico and how the trip is financially sustained. Dependent upon the immigration officer, the maximum period of stay is less than six months at a time.

The Mexican Embassy procedures:

  • All docs are emailed to us
  • We email the embassy
  • The embassy checks and advises appointment date
  • Client goes in person to submit.


  • Application form in full.
  • One passport-size color photograph, no eyeglasses, white background. Please glue the photograph onto the application form, in the allocated area.
  • Valid passport in original and one color photocopy of the passport pages containing personal information.
  • Valid proof of legal residence/entry in South Africa (e.g.: utility bill/ immigration entry stamp, etc.) and one photocopy, if applicable.
  • If available, please attach proof of flights, accommodation, invitations and/or tours booked..
  • Payment of consular fee, card payments only.
  • The fee changes monthly according to FOREX rates, which can be checked on our website:

  • Visitor visas on South African passports are free of charge.
  • Children’s applications require a copy of their unabridged birth
  • The child and both parents need to be present at the appointment, or provide an affidavit from the police that grants permission from the other parent to apply for a visa and to travel abroad with the child. This needs to state the above and be signed by both parents.
  • Proof of Financial Solvency:
  • Either “A” or “B” must be complied with in full. (see previous email for path B).
  • Even if you are being sponosored, if you can comply with path A you are welcome to send the requirements.
  • If married, you may use your spouses documents and a marriage certificate.

Financial Solvency A: 1,2 and 3.

Personal financial records:

  1. Original last three [3] months of each applicant’s personal bank statements stamped by the bank (that have the undisclosed amounts required by Mexican law).
    • Please note that internet/ATM printouts will not be accepted;
    • you may mark the payment of salary on you statements

-If you have additional bank accounts, savings, business accounts or investments. Please bring three months statements for those as well.

-PLEASE confirm the currency of the bank statements and pay slips if not in Rands.


  1. Original last three months’ pay slips.


  1. Original employment letter (on company’s letterhead, signed in ink, stating applicant’s full name, nationality and passport number, period of employment, position and salary).

-Or your business registration documents

B). Other         financial          records: (e.g.: in          respect             of the organization/institution inviting and paying for you)  1,2 and 3.

  1. Invitation/sponsoring letter, on company’s letterhead, including the following:
  • Applicant´s full name and nationality.
  • Corporate name of the organization or company.
  • Registration number of the company/organization.
  • Main purpose of the public or private organization/company.
  • Full address and contact information of the company/organization.
  • Information about the exact activity that the applicant is going to perform in Mexico or precise purpose of the project he/she would take part in. This should be related to the objective of the organization.
  • Estimated duration or approximate date of completion of the activity to perform.
  • The letter should clearly state the organizations commitment of liability or responsibility for handling foreign person during his/her stay in Mexico and his/her return to his/her country of origin or residence.
  • If the accommodation is known, please provide the address as well.
  • The letter must be signed in ink

Photocopy of ID of the person who signs the letter with visible signature. The letter must be signed in ink. Scanned, image or PDF versions will not be accepted.


  1. Company’s original investments/bank accounts statements for the last twelve [12] months stamped by the bank. (set of copies of the first page of each month- we have the originals)

-Mexican public institutions and private institutions within the National Education System, however, need not prove financial solvency.


Please ensure that you bring ALL the required documents and application as previously sent for pre-assessment and the originals where necessary, signed in ink (Bank statements, payslips, letter of employment).

We cannot print on behalf of you, so please ensure every document that was requested is present.

This will ensure that there are no complications and that the visa can be processed with ease.

Please note that being granted an appointment does not mean that your visa application will definitely be approved.

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