Kenya to become visa-free from January 2024!

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By: visas / December 14, 2023

In a latest development, visitors from across the world will no longer require a visa to visit Kenya. This initiative will come into effect from January 2024. In a significant move to boost tourism and foster global connections, Kenyan President William Ruto announced on December 12 that visitors from around the world will no longer need a visa to enter the country starting January.

This groundbreaking decision is part of the government’s initiative to streamline the entry process through a newly developed digital platform.

President Ruto emphasized that this groundbreaking platform will streamline the issuance of electronic travel authorization, effectively eliminating the tedious visa application process. Addressing an event in Nairobi marking Kenya’s 60 years of independence from Britain, President Ruto reiterated his dedication to simplifying travel procedures, declaring that individuals worldwide will no longer bear the burden of applying for a visa to visit Kenya.

This visionary step aligns with Ruto’s long standing advocacy for visa-free travel within the African continent.

President Ruto had previously outlined his plans for visa exemptions at a conference in the Republic of Congo in October, where he declared that citizens of African countries would be able to visit Kenya without a visa by the end of 2023. This move reflects a broader effort to enhance regional cooperation and strengthen ties among African nations.

Kenya, renowned for its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture, heavily relies on tourism as a key driver of its economy. The decision to waive visa requirements aims to attract more international visitors, offering them the opportunity to explore the country’s picturesque Indian Ocean coastline and embark on thrilling wildlife safaris.

President Ruto extended the nation’s hospitality by declaring, “Kenya has a simple message to humanity: Welcome Home!” This sentiment stresses the country’s commitment to fostering an open and inclusive environment for global travelers, marking a significant milestone in Kenya’s efforts to position itself as a top destination for tourism and cultural exchange.

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