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By: visas / January 29, 2024

Direct flights between Israel and South Africa will stop from April 1.

El Al has announced that it will halt its flights from that date.

According to Israeli news service israelhayom.com, the downgrade in relations between the two countries resulting from the attack on Israel and subsequent war in Gaza have led to diminishing numbers of passengers on the route. The airline has thus decided to cease flights.

This comes just before the ICJ releases its findings on whether to grant an interim injunction at South Africa’s request against Israel.

According to israelhayom.com, the number of Israelis who planned to visit South Africa has been steadily decreasing since the war began, and commercial concerns plus diplomatic uncertainty have both played a part in the decision.

The only way South Africans will now be able to get to Israel is through indirect flights with other carriers.

It’s now expected that El Al will redeploy its wide-body aircraft on other long-haul routes.

On travelinfo.co.za, the airline says passengers whose flights are cancelled  will be updated.


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